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I have been taking photographs as a hobbyist on and off for about 30 years.  My original Nikon had a zoom lens. It was the perfect tool for me to capture my vision of the world.  At that time I photographed vividly colored buildings and other structures in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, where I was living and working.  I typically framed a series of photos of the same object seen from different angles, distances, or perspectives.  These juxtaposed multiple views often captured for me the visual experience of taking in a whole object and finding its essence.


My photographs mirror the way I think— in abstractions. Most of the flower photos on the website are of gardens and flowers in New Hampshire and other places in New England, where I have lived for over 30 years.  

Friends who saw these recent photographs encouraged me to show them and make them available to the general public.  It is a thrill to see photographs of these flowers that capture my sense of what makes them so beautiful.


My path to artist has spanned several decades of work in psychology, artificial intelligence, personal computers, organizational development, and marketing.  I have had my own marketing consulting business in Southern New Hampshire for the past 18 years, first as The Mighty Pen where my forte was marketing writing and, more recently as a full-service marketing communications consultancy.

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